IndyCar – I Love the Smell of Speculation in the Morning!

It smells like… PROGRESS! If you’re a fan of IndyCar, then you likely have already heard about Peter De Lorenzo’s article on his blog, The Autoextremist, where he claims that General Motors will make a return to the IZOD IndyCar Series in 2012 along with an increase in motorsports across the board. You also likely are already aware that SpeedTV’s Marshall Pruitt and the Indianapolis Star’s Curt Cavin are both claiming extreme skepticism of the announcement. So where does this leave us fans? It leaves us in a whirlwind of rampant and wild speculation completely unencumbered by actual facts or the thought process. Awesome! If you aren’t aware of what’s going on, here’s the Cliff Notes.

  1. GM is to bring a Chevrolet branded V6 twin-turbo to the IZOD IndyCar Series in 2012.
  2. A commitment by Target Chip Ganassi to GM has been made for both NASCAR and INDYCAR.
  3. Several NHRA, and Grand-Am DP and GT teams will get factory support with Chevrolet engines.
  4. Cadillac is to return to SCCA World Challenge GT racing with the CTS-V.

Randy Bernard has told Marshall Pruitt that this is “pure speculation.” There have been other reports floating around the interwebs with similar statements of denial being made by TCGR. However, as we all know, and as Curt reminds us in his latest Q&A, these denials could merely mean that they don’t want to confirm anything until the official press conference which is, allegedly, scheduled for this Friday.

Where’s the truth in all this? Honestly, I have no clue. It may be all solid fact. It may be all so much hot air. One thing that I do know is that this type of speculation is a good sign for IndyCar racing. I’m hopeful that GM is planning a return to Indianapolis, and I hope it helps them move some product. I want my money back!! I’m also hopeful that Ford, Fiat, and Audi would be right behind them. Whether they do or not, it is a good sign that we’re even speculating about the prospect. Even last year, we would never have heard this type of discussion. Its all good for the series, which desperately needs people talking about it in a time where they’re struggling for TV ratings, sponsors, and relevance. The ferocity of the discussions seen on Twitter, at, Track Forum, and other such outlets is a nice indicator of just how much passion and interest there still is in the series. As I see it, heightened speculation rumors and fan banter equals progress. Now we just need to wait until Friday to see if the speculation really materializes into the fantastic good news that Mr. De Lorenzo promises.

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7 Thoughts to “IndyCar – I Love the Smell of Speculation in the Morning!

  1. My question is where is the GM brass in all of the speculation? Typically we would here a statement actually saying it is speculation but I have not heard anything from the CEOs…

  2. Presumably, the GM brass is holding out for the presser. *IF* this is legit, that is. With no rebuttal out there, it does make sense that there’s at least a kernel of truth to this all. If it was complete air, then there would have been an easy denial from the suits at GM.

  3. Cavin said he did not get a denial out of Randy Bernard, but Randy said that it was “premature speculation”. Sounds like something is up, though it may not be as grandiose as autoextremist and autoblog are reporting.

    GM had been rumored for 2013, not 2012. I hate to temper the optimism of this rumor, but it could be that 2013 is the actual date. It could all just be wishfull hogwash. It could just be connecting the dots on the TCGR situation. Or, it could all be true….

  4. This story is just getting more and more interesting. Autoweek has done some digging of their own and found that there’s some real substance to PDL’s article.

    I’m starting to get very excited about Friday.

  5. gary

    i hope all this will help get the indycar race back in michigan.

  6. You’re not alone in that desire, Gary, but don’t get your hopes up. Michigan International Speedway is owned by the International Speedway Corporation, and they’ve demonstrated in this past season that they are not interested in promoting or supporting the IZOD IndyCar Series. Unless the promotion is taken over by the primary sponsor of a race at MIS or any ISC track, don’t expect INDYCAR to be going back. This same thing can be said about Phoenix.

  7. ATB73

    It looks like it’s gonna happen. Robin is basically confirming it. IICS has scheduled a news conference for FRIDAY at the hall of fame museum. The stars may have aligned themselves. What Bernard has done in less than 1 year helps prove TG couldn’t beat his way out of a wet paper bag.

    Hopefully this will allure the blue oval into making a return as well. Not to get greedy, but maybe a bunch of American drivers to wheel the machines? with a pay??

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