Op Ed – The Old IndyCar Bait and Switch

Not-so-live StreamingAs Saturday’s qualifying for the first race at the Shell/Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston was abut to start, I did as always and pulled up the IndyCar timing and scoring page. And much to my delight, I see this banner. It appears that IndyCar will have live streaming on NBC Extra. I’m excited because I’m eligible for NBC Extra, and used it to watch parts of the Canadian Grand Prix on my smartphone when I was traveling. It’s great!

Since my daughter is watching Frozen and keyed up for a birthday party later today at Chuck-E-Cheese, I decided to watch the stream on my laptop. Except that there is no stream, only a static image saying that the broadcast has concluded for the day.

What?  According to the schedule, qualifying was about to start! I mumbled a bit and started the stream of IMS Radio and fired up the Twitter machine.  Here’s the result.


Ummmm. OK. That’s not what the banner at IndyCar’s own website says, so I point that out.

I have to admit. Whoever handles the @IndyCar Twitter account is always polite and professional, even in the face of harsh criticism during an event when they’re at their busiest.

It’s pretty lousy of IndyCar and NBC to imply that live streaming would be available and not have it be. Oh well.  Maybe this will be the impetus of improvements in the availability of live coverage. Maybe not. At least someone’s listening.


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