F1 – Car Launch Dates – Campos, USF1, Ferrari Updates – 1/27/10

Not really a substantial update to the chart below, but plenty of interesting tidbits to add to our knowledge of car launches.

Ferrari will be unveiling its 2010 effort live tomorrow through their website.

Campos however has announced that they will not be testing their car at all. Their first opportunity run the car will be at Bahrain. Daniel Eisen from Campos said “Bahrain is a test, it’s not a first race for us. The cars are very advanced, we have a driver under contract and our intention is to be in Bahrain for the first race.”

This certainly does not bode well for the startup team since they are unapologetically still searching for enough money to actually make the grid, with some rumors that Dallara will not give them the car until they pay up.

Tony Tiexeira of A1GP fame has said, “I am talking to Campos, but I’m not the only one. There’s more than one group talking to Campos and for us it has got to be part of an A1 deal It’s all for A1. My ambition is to bring A1 into F1.”

Whatever Tony. Since A1 went bankrupt last year, reorganized and has yet to make a race this season, I tend to think that ship has sailed. A1 is gone and owes a lot of money to Ferrari and Surfer’s Paradise, among others. I would say your chance of owning a part of any F1 team is nil. Especially if you want to use F1 to advertise for your twice defunct series.

As for USF1, their new driver Jose Maria Lopez told Reuters that “The car should be ready between the 20th and 25th of February and then we’re going to test drive it in Alabama.”

This directly contradicts Peter Windsor’s earlier statement that the car would be on track in early February. But then again, Jose Maria Lopez’s employment with the team also contradicts Peter’s earlier statements, so that is par for the course.

The first race is March 14th in Bahrain, less than 2 months away. Draw your own conclusions.

Team Launch Date First Test
McLaren January 29th February 1st, Valencia
Mercedes GP January 25th February 1st, Valencia
Red Bull February 10th February 10th, Jerez
Ferrari January 28th February 1st, Valencia
Williams January 31st February 1st, Valencia
Renault January 31st February 1st, Valencia
Force India TBA February 10th, Jerez
Torro Rosso February 1st February 1st, Valencia
Lotus February 12th February 17th, Jerez
Campos March 12th March 12th, Bahrain
USF1 Late February Late February, Barber
Virgin TBA February 10th, Jerez
Sauber Janruary 31st February 1st, Valencia

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5 Thoughts to “F1 – Car Launch Dates – Campos, USF1, Ferrari Updates – 1/27/10

  1. Savage Henry

    Ummm… Mr. WIndsor. The Izod Indycar Series is testing at Barber Feb. 24-25. Have you called and tried to get a reservation yet?

  2. Nice comment Savage Henry! I knew they had a test coming up, but I didn’t make the connection.

    Give Peter time, he will tell us that they will be testing on track at Bahrain as well.

  3. Epic Savage! that is funny. Then again has Lopez ever seen an F1 car? this whole operation is sketchy. Hell, at least Minardi had some history and was a fan favorite. These guys are going to suck and have no fans!

  4. Lopez was a test driver for Renault F1. ….take that for what it’s worth, though.

  5. […] far as some good news, there are rumors from openpaddock.net that Jose Maria Lopez will test the team’s first car near the end of February at […]

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