Rally – Block’s New Ride Is Revealed

The Monster World Rally Team revealed its WRC Focus that will be piloted this year by Ken Block. Honestly, its one of the coolest rally cars I’ve seen in a long while. The car while predominantly sponsored by Monster also sports the logos of DC Shoes, Ford, Dirt 2 (all for obvious reasons), and Castrol.

As happy as I am to see Ken move to a Ford, I’m even happier for what this could do for the Rally America series. With Block running in both the WRC and in the Rally America, there should be a lot of good cross-promotion. In fact, the article announcing this reveal on the WRC website even includes the Rally America schedule! How cool is that? At any rate, enjoy the eye candy.

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3 Thoughts to “Rally – Block’s New Ride Is Revealed

  1. I love the skull with Ken’s number in it. (watch the video)

    Also, gotta love the castrol edge sponsorship painted on the “edge” of the hood. Good job.

    I like the livery, but I think I liked the 2009 livery more. It just looks better on a Subaru. đŸ˜‰

  2. This car looks 100 million times better than the Subi…this is in fact one of the best looking racing machines (livery wise) I have ever seen. I also am a fan of the Castrol paint job. It would be wise of Ford to perhaps make a version similar in shape to this one.

    As far as the market approach, the mission for Ford Motor Company has now become to promote cars that are the same across the globe. The Fiesta and now the new Focus are steps in the direction of promoting a car that looks the same and performs nearly the same across all countries. Now granted emissions and what not will make that a little more difficult, but the rally program has really lead the way as a whole for Ford on the “global stage” and it looks like they are moving in the right direction off the stages.

    Now the true question is how do we get the 5 cylinder all wheel drive Focus RS over here…oh…and Mike, it is turbo as well…STi killer ;D

  3. Yes it has more torque than the STI, but same HP. Can your RS do AWD…..? I didn’t think so.

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