Rally – Subaru Confirm Pastrana and Mirra

With the bombshell news that Ken Block had joined Ford in a global effort, the question was who would join Travis Pastrana in the other Subaru? Simple answer for the guys at Vermont and Subaru, but is this new pairing going to perform as well?

Dave Mirra will now be moved from the super production ranks to join the open class and team with the four time Rally America champion. Mirra who has been waiting for an opening will make now make the jump to America’s top rally flight in arguably one of the best cars on the grid. The Vermont Sports Car team have dominated competition with both Pastrana and Block for the last few years but now with Block gone, can Mirra be the teammate Travis needs to complete another year on top? My answer is he is not. Dave has drove superbly in the super production class and finished well in most of the races he has competed, but he may not have the skills to run with the likes of Tanner Foust, ACP, and Ken Block on a consistent basis. I sure hope that he proves me wrong though. Rally America is thriving off of these big name action sports stars competing and finishing well, but the new setup of the championship will see the bigger names competing in all of the events as opposed to those that get them to the crown jewel event which is X-Games 16. The introduction of the M-Sport prepared Ford Fiesta however will certainly spice things up. As we seen at X-Games 15, the Ford Fiesta proved to be more than enough for the Subaru STi when put into capable hands.

Along with confirming Pastrana and Mirra, Subaru USA has confirmed that they will also compete in the European style rally cross that will make its series debut this year in New Jersey. This also should be no surprise as Travis is more than game for any competition put in front of him. We are talking about a guy who flew a car 269 ft on New Year’s eve and does double back flips on moto bikes, rally cross will be just another opportunity for Travis to shine. All in all, the 2010 Rally America championship is shaping up to be huge!

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2 Thoughts to “Rally – Subaru Confirm Pastrana and Mirra

  1. Good for Mirra. He’ll be a good teammate for Pastrana, but I wonder if he’ll still carry the DC sponsorship.

  2. tab

    Wow! That’s amazing! I still wonder how these drivers moving will affect Rally America though.

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