Le Mans – Pugs Snub ACO

pugeotFrench Manufacturer Peugeot has announced that at this time, the new International Cup is “not in the plans” for 2010. While the announcement is not official, it certainly continues the bad news for the LMP series across the globe.

The announcement was made after arch rivals Audi stated their intention to enter two cars in the championship. Problems with the French manufacturer are to blame for the snub as the board has approved the budget for this year’s Le Mans 24 Hour and work for the 2011 challenger.

This is just another knife to the chest of prototype racing. Surprising that Peugeot does not want a piece of Audi in the International Cup, but a budget is a budget. Thank goodness for the awesome GT racing we will have in 2010. This should fill things out nicely until 2011 rolls around.

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