#F1 – JR Hildebrand Tests for Force India

2009 Firestone Indy Lights champion, JR Hildebrand, will test for the Force India F1 team in the first days of December. Read the full article at Autosport.com. JR has been searching for a ride at the next level ever since August (probably before), but many, including myself, thought that meant a seat somewhere in the IZOD IndyCar Series, or perhaps with USF1 USGPE. Turns out that he has his sights set well above the doubtful USF1 USGPE and on a ride with a legitimate team that actually has a car constructed for 2010. Sorry, Windsor, but I’m rapidly losing faith that you’ll make the grid.

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“I’m ecstatic to get my first taste of F1,” said the 21-year-old Californian. “I’ve heard so much about the performance of the cars and know this is going to be quicker and more responsive than anything I’ve ever sat in before.

“I know it’s a big challenge but I feel ready to tackle it. The aim is to learn the track and the car and then hopefully show my potential.

“As an American we don’t necessarily have the culture of F1 but anything that’s so impressive and cutting-edge demands respect. I hope I can do the car and myself justice.”

I have mixed emotions about this test. I’m extremely happy for JR to get the opportunity, and it speaks well of the Firestone Indy Lights Series that our champion is well thought of enough to be offered a Formula 1 test. However, I’d hate to see JR take a position with FIF1 and end up being a mid-packer at best, and most likely a back marker with a sub-par F1 team. It would simply reinforce the stereotype that Europeans already have of American drivers. Have fun during your test, JR, but please come back here to race.

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2 Thoughts to “#F1 – JR Hildebrand Tests for Force India

  1. I can’t imagine that this would turn into a ride. I have to think that if JR had the kind of money necessary to buy a seat at Force India, that he would be getting serious play from IndyCar teams as well. It may be that JR is getting an F1 test, solely on his merits as a driver…. what a crazy though.

    As for USF1 and their name changes….. When they announced their name initially as USF1, Bernie let them know that they had no right to use that name unless they were an actual F1 team, so until they won a spot on the grid they had to go by USGPE….. Bernie is a moron!

    I have to agree with you Doug, USF1 is sounding less and less likely every day.

  2. tab

    I don’t think that F1 is the right place for Hildebrand- at least not right now. But, I certainly hope that he gets some sort of ride because he’s an extremely talented driver.

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