F1 – Red Bull Keep Renault

2009-red-bull-racing-rb5-f1-front-top-picture-588x391Speculation has surfaced this season as to who the Red Bull Racing F1 team would choose to supply it engines for 2010 and beyond. Speculation that was driven by reliability issues with their current Renault power plant. The same Renault power plant that would play a decisive factor in Red Bull losing the constructor’s title. Renault, Mercedes, and Cosworth were the choices the team were interested in and they have made a decision.

Renault will return to Red Bull Racing for the 2010 season as the team’s engine supplier. Reports from Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport indicate that the decision to remain with the French company was made shortly before Abu Dhabi this past weekend. Originally the team was chasing the German power plant from Mercedes, but the deal was apparently vetoed by Mercedes F1 partner McLaren. As for the Cosworth, I don’t think I have to go to far into it. The team said the Cosworth was too risky due to reliability and power. Pretty much the same things that we here at OP have been claiming every time we talk about the Cosworth V8. This is not only good for Red Bull in their bid to take the 2010 titles, but is another morale boost to Renault a month ago were at rock bottom.

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