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3 Thoughts to “F1 – Frantic F1 Episode 16!

  1. Eric Brewer

    Shawn, you know I love you guys, but %$@#%&% what was that? Did you actually watch that before you posted it? Has he got video of you in some compromising position and is blackmailing you to run this crap? Please tell me that this guy has had way better stuff than this and he just missed it on this episode. It’s the first one I’ve seen and anybody can have a bad day. Should I check out his other stuff or is this as good as it gets? Fortunately, I’ve got some podcast gold with you, Mike, and John on Episode 13 to save the day. See ya. Eric

  2. Eric, how can you dis a guy that has a poster of The Doctor and a Penske Porsche Spyder? Frantic (aka Andrew of the Shire) is a bit, well, frantic, but he’s good folk. His style of humor is a bit unique, but I find it fun. …ok, I will admit that I can’t watch an episode all in one go. I need a break half way through.

  3. Eric Brewer

    That’s so funny, That poster gave me serious hope when I first clIcked on the video. No bigger Rossi fan than me, and if you say he’s a good guy, I’ll give the next episode a look. I’l take your advice and dive on to pit road at the halfway mark next time. Thanks again to your team for putting what I’m sure is a ridiculous amount of effort into this killer website. Have a GREAT SUNDAY!!! E.B.

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