Rally – Pastrana and New Year’s Eve

travis-pastrana-3It has been recently announced that Travis Pastrana will be the talent on hand for this year’s Red Bull No Limit event that will take place on New Year’s eve in Los Angeles, California. Travis will try and break the record for the longest jump in a rally car.

The current record is held by Pastrana’s rally teammate Ken Block at a huge 171 ft. Not only will Pastrana try and break the record, he will be looking to shatter it and land at least 100 ft. further. This jump is not as easy as take off and landing however. Once Travis lifts off the ramp that is stationed on a pier, he will have to clear 250 ft. of water and land onto a barge that will be awaiting him. His weapon of choice for the jump will be a near bone stock Subaru Impreza STI. Travis is looking to keep the jump as “old school” as possible and will not be using any serious upgrades to help him achieve the jump. There is also the laundry list of things that could go wrong and cause serious injury to the Red Bull star. Miss the barge and somebody will be attempting to fish him out of the water, land too hard onto the barge and there may be serious spinal injury that could potentially end his storied career.

The jump will be shown on ESPN on New Year’s Eve and will probably be one of the most extreme the No Limit series has seen to date. I for one have no idea how this is going to end well, however I will have my eyes glued to the tube when it happens.

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2 Thoughts to “Rally – Pastrana and New Year’s Eve

  1. I heard that next season, this will also be part of the Rally America series. Non points for the first season, but if all the drivers survive the 250 ft barge jump, then it will be part of the 2011 championship.

  2. He is a modern-day Evel Knievel!

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