Rally – LDR 16 July Blog

Recce took us about 12 hours today. One pass recce on organizer supplied JEMBA notes. Some new stages, but most are familiar. More rocks poking up than usual. Grip will be an issue on some stages that are sandy and some others that are covered with coarse, loose gravel. As we’re running further down the order, hopefully the front runners will sweep the stages clean for us and not rut things up too much. 🙂

We had an interesting time coming down a mountain transiting to the last stage. The brake pedal went to the floor. I mentioned to Dave that we didn’t have brakes and he asked if the pedal was, “soft?”. I told him we had no brakes. Using engine braking and the emergency brake we made it to the local auto parts store and effected repairs.

Crew arrived this afternoon and got the car through technical inspection and picked up our fuel.

Our Sprinter service van is unhappy and is refusing to run at times. This has forced is to make contingency plans for getting gear to service and even planning how to get home after the event.

Autograph session went well tonight. We got lots of folks into the car and all seemed to enjoy it.

Tomorrow is a short day. Two super specials. Then two fast and loose stages in and out. Finally, we cap off the evening with the famous Concord Pond. Should proove exciting!

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