F1 – Webber to Stay at RBR?

webbo 2Red Bull has announced today that it would like Mark Webber to stay in the car for the 2010 season. Fresh off of his first career victory last weekend, the Australian is set to begin talks very soon.

It is amazing what one victory can bring you these days. Many forget that it took Webber nearly his whole career to get the elusive grand prix win. However victories are not everything in racing. Mark has been a phenomenal setup driver and really understands the car and its capabilities. These are the qualities that RBR are looking for while grooming other drivers in the second car. This week has been a much needed boost for Webber as he has now shown the grid he can win and is still a hot commodity even this late into his career. One does not have to look much further than Brawn GP to see that not all veterans are as team oriented as Mark. Rubens Barrichello has voiced his displeasure with the whole race victory situation and made some rather brash remarks that may have Ross Brawn wondering if maybe he should not have went with a younger talent. Mark has played number two driver to Sebastian Vettel most of the year, but has also been able to strike as was shown last weekend.

Webber is looking for a deal that would see him stay at Red Bull for the rest of his career, however at this time the boys at RBR are looking for a bit of a short term gig. This is a smart decision on their part as with many of the young talent floating around the driver pool, at anytime a deal could be made to secure the next GP2 champion or a driver who is moving from a good team. Either way there will be little discussion at the moment as RBR tries to reel in Brawn GP for the titles. In a season that has been so crazy and unpredictable, we may see Mark Webber walking away with a driver’s championship at the end of 2009.

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