Rally – STPR Review and Thoughts

So the very brief STPR has concluded and if I have learned anything…it is that I will not be picking lottery numbers anytime soon. Ken Block has taken victory for the second time this year in impressive fashion and the points battle has become even closer. rally08_199

The rally was fast and furious and Block set the early tempo. My favorite for the race and P-WRC driver Patrik Sandell fell out of the event after the first stage! While the reason is not 100%, the team did blame an engine failure for ending the Swedish drivers chances at getting into the X Games. Travis Pastrana was able to climb from suspension issues to claim second place on the event and third place was rounded out by William Bacon and his 2006 Evolution.

Overall this rally was a bit sub par compared to the others we have had thus far. A great win for Ken Block and the DC Shoes car and with this victory, the points situation has become a little tighter at the top. The series is moving into the New England area as the drivers continue to battle for not only the national championship and also the X Games positions. While the main 4 or 5 are already locked in, there are still two at large bids available. Keep it here to Open Paddock for the New England Forest Rally on July 17-18.

One administrative note, I mentioned in the preview that Tanner Foust would be competing in the STPR but unfortunately he was not on the entry list for the event.

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  1. Fantastic news for Block! He was so dominant at the 100 Acre Wood rally, and it was painful to see one retirement after another since then.

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