Indy Hump Day report, on the bubble: FESTIVUS

A New day for TK

As a long time fan of racing, I love guys who give their all and leave nothing on the table. The IZOD INDYCAR Series has a few, Helio, Will Power, Paul Tracy, and Tony Kanaan. Just look at the start of the 2010 Indy 500 and that amazing opening run TK had. That is what I love in a racer, charge like Elwood Blues being chased by the police. (Let’s just hope TK does not fly into a mall toy store.)

While TK and de Ferran Dragon Racing did not announce any sponsors yet, I suspect HP will be a big part since their logo was all over the press conference photos. it would also make sense that his sponsorship package may be heavy on Brazilian companies. With Ana Beatriz being basically exclusively sponsored by Brazilian brands, it seems likely the more popular and accomplished Kanaan will do the same.

What this will also mean for the series is it MUST make another race in the nation of Brazil. The South American nation is one of the strongest economies in what is an otherwise weak world economy. They have nearly half the drivers in the series, and their race last year as last minute as it was no doubt had the biggest crowd other than the 500 itself.

I get tired hearing Americans bellyache at the thought of another Brazil race. Hey it will be on TV the same time of day as North American races, so please refrain from looking for reasons to whine. It is not a 1AM ET start like Motegi. Who can’t watch a Sunday race at 2PM ET? The series needs to go to more places that can really fill butts in seats. I would rather two or three events in Brazil, than 6 here in America at ISC venues who did ZERO promotions and allowed the events to flop. (Most likely to make the Series look bad for the owners of ISC, the France family of NASCAR)

As for Raphael Matos, hey nice kid, decent driver, but this is how racing works. Heck the next to last American Indy 500 winner (2004,Buddy Rice) is not even an active driver in the series. There are plenty of worthy drivers still not in the “Show” of American open wheel racing. I’m sure Matos can at the very least find a ride for the 500. But to be fair the series losses less with Matos being without a full time ride, than TK.

Snake in the grass

Don “the Snake” Prudhomme is now an owner in the IZOD INDYCAR Series. Yes he is basically just an investor to help his buddy Big Chip. But lets be real, he would not invest in a series that lacks potential, exposure, and most importantly a decent sanctioning body.

Back in the late 1980’s through early 1990’s Kenny Bernstein owned a team in NASCAR. Notice now the famous want into the INDYCAR Series and not NASCAR now? This announcement while more notable for Graham Rahal being named the lead driver of the two car operation. I see it as showing that thanks to people like Chip Ganassi, and Randy Bernard the IZOD INDYCAR Series has the greener grass of American motorsports.

Let it grow taller and do not chase the snake out of this grass. It makes the series look more legit when a drag racing legend leaves the NHRA and heads to the IZOD INDYCAR Series. Plus how cool will it be May 2011 when cars in the race can list legends like Don “the Snake” Prudomme, and “the King” Richard Petty as owners? Even with all the feathers in their caps (or Stetson) elsewhere they want to compete in the Indianapolis 500. That is a real good thing!

My only real critical issue with the satellite team for Ganassi is the second driver. Charlie Kimball is a talented kid, but I feel he really deserves to spend more time in the Firestone IndyLights series. To be honest as nice as it is he is an American citizen (born in the U.K.) I would rather a more proven driver had ended up in the seat. Why JK Vernay was overlooked is beyond me. I think the fact Vernay has no real chance for a full time ride in the top series this year is a crying shame. He dominated the 2010 FIL season, and won about every race you could think of. How many FIL wins did Kimball have in 2010 or all time?


Tomorrow is a big holiday here in the Rogan house, it is Festivus. If your not a Seinfeld fan like myself you should look into Festivus. Considering the Holiday shopping season always starts with a “Who” concert like stampede and ends with people judging relationships by the material items they got. It is nice to have a fictional holiday that hits the nail on the head. Holidays are all about those who mean the most to us, family, close friends, and bails bondsmen (for my family at least. We are Irish after all).

Tomorrow is also Eddie Vedder’s (of Pearl Jam) birthday. So Happy Birthday Ed. Happy Festivus to my fans. And also a Merry Christmas to my christian readers. (And if your Jewish, a very belated Happy Chanukah!)

Edgy or Vanilla how do you like your blogs?

Last week Roy Hobbson (my favorite blogger not on Open Paddock) wrote a fictional post about “Santa Foyt” that was a bit Un-PC. As was the post that Tomas Scheckter wrote the same day, calling Graham Rahal a boring wimp. (More or less)

So what do you the readers think? Should INDYCAR bloggers be nilla wafer, so as to not offend anyone, or is the occasional Un-PC post fine for the sport? And for that matter do I offend you?

Tell me what you think: Post a comment below, drop me an e-mail , or tweet me on twitter @SpikeRogan

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  2. I’ll tell you exactly why Kimball was picked over Vernay. $$$ Kimball brings Novo Nordisk to the party, Vernay at the time was still scouring Europe for cash. This retroactive scholarship may have just extended JK’s IndyCar career, but it didn’t come soon enough to secure a deal with Chip. I think Kimball will do well enough, and I fully expect at least one podium from him in 2011.

    As for the Brazilian market, I think you’re absolutely right that its a necessity, and there’s discussions happening now regarding a second race in or around Porto Alegre. I think it needs to happen. Oh, and don’t count Matos out just yet.

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