F1 – Ferrari F60B Details

ferrari-f60It has been no secret thus far this season that Ferrari have been desperately looking for some kind of pace from their F60 car. They may have just found it with what many in the media are calling the F60B. The scarlet team have lessened the cars weight by approximately 15 kilos in order for the car to better utilize the KERS that it was built around. Items on the car including the material the seat belts are made out of have been changed in an attempt to save weight. Sounds like the team is getting ready for a prized boxing match and trying to make weight.

The car also has new aero bits as well in an attempt to shave about seven tenths off of lap times. Part of this aero upgrade has been the addition of a controversial diffuser that has seen Brawn GP and Toyota perform much higher than otherwise capable. Marc Gene has performed the aero tests this weekend and the car is being loaded and prepared for use in Spain. Kimi Raikkonen will be using the new chassis for the Spanish Grand Prix in an attempt to reverse Ferrari’s fortunes in this years title.

While the title fight may be out of reach, a respectable placing in the championship is easily within grasp. It is very realistic that if these changes fail to accomplish their objective, that Ferrari will scrap the rest of the 09 season. Nothing can be as bad as things have been thus far, so I am certain that the car will perform better. Ferrari are really hoping to perform well and stick it to the title favorites in an attempt to upset the FIA after the rule changes for next year. They are focused and determined and that makes for a very scary Ferrari come the Spanish Grand Prix. You don’t get 14 constructor’s championships for being stupid.

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2 Thoughts to “F1 – Ferrari F60B Details

  1. Mark my words, Ferrari will be challenging for wins after Monaco.

    Sadly, I think it will be impossible to catch up with the modern day points system.

  2. Agreed Chris, welcome to the site by the way…

    The team has made great strides in performance with both the lighter chassis and the old Ferrari F60A chassis. They now need to focus on reliability and that damn KERS! The fact that Kimi made up 6 spots off the grid was awesome and Massa had a great run all day…but along with the relaibility we need to look at the pitwalll and who keeps making these blunders…Stefano…I am looking in your direction.

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