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3 Thoughts to “Horrific Indy Lights Kansas Accident

  1. Tab

    I think that was the worst wreck I have ever seen. It still freaked me out the fourth time I saw it and I can’t believe how he just jumped out of that car.

  2. Yeah that was by far the worst accident i have ever witnessed at the track (even worse than Heidfeld flipping @ Indy 06..that wasn’t really that bad). I was stunned that he walked away from that. Did you happen to see that Edwards crash? I know it is NASCRAP and therefore dumb, but it was pretty bad as well. Thank god for the safety in those tubs. maybe a few years ago he may not have been so lucky.

  3. I’ll have a pic of the crash tomorrow. Got lots of pics, so its taking me a long time to make my way through them all.

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