Sato Eyeing IRL Seat

takuma-satoThere was rumor floating about within the last couple weeks that perhaps Takumo Sato would come to the U.S. and give the IRL a try. Autosport has run an article confirming Sato’s desire to run in the American open wheel series and could be in a seat come Motegi. Sato’s commercial manager was quoted as saying: “It’s a long way from happening yet,” But if Taku could do Motegi that would be great. If he could do more IndyCar races that would be even better. He still wants to get back into F1 for 2010 and that means he wants to keep his hand in by racing this year.”

Now given the fact that he needs Honda’s help, I am almost sure he will be in an Indy race at some point. I mean this is the guy that Honda started a whole second F1 team for. Surely an Indy seat is possible right? Unfortunately for Sato I don’t think an F1 drive is going to be in his future, and the IRL may become a more realistic fixture.

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