RallyCast Episode 118 – Women in Motorsports with Josie Rimmer, Leanne Junnila, and Karen Jankowski

This is a special episode in conjunction with Dirtfish and their celebration of Women in Motorsports. In this show your host took a bit of a backseat and let the guests drive the discussion on this important subject. Topics ranged from their personal experiences, ways we as a community can better support and encourage more women to be a part of our rally family, and some of the great things that Dirtfish is doing specifically to expand the coverage of women in our sport.

Don’t forget the Dirtfish Women’s Summit available to attend for free March 10th. Details are here:  https://dirtfish.com/womens-month/ 

For women looking for a career in motorsports, the FIA Women in Motorsports careers booklet Leanne mentioned in the show is here: https://www.fia.com/multimedia/publication/your-career-motor-sport 

For those women more specifically interested in the engineering path, the FIA has a program with their touring car championship that can be found here:  https://www.fia.com/careers-motor-sport

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