RallyCast Episode 116 – 2021 ARA Champions Travis Pastrana and Rhianon Gelsomino

In this episode we go to the very sharp end of the ARA field of competitors and chat with Subaru Motorsports USA’s Travis Pastrana and Rhianon Gelsomino. Travis gives us a rather long medical list of why he had to miss Sno*Drift, even though he tried to convince his doctors he could still compete. Rhianon tells us about how much extra work she and Travis are doing to keep a competitive advantage as their closest competition switched to top level WRC machinery, and why her dad is both her biggest supporter and her greatest critic. We get into technical insights into the challenges of driving with the aero improvements on the Subaru, what performance level they’d like to see the top class of ARA move to in the future, and somewhere in there elephant poop is mentioned. So join us for another round at the virtual rally pub we call, the RallyCast podcast.

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