RallyCast Episode 99 – 100 Acre Wood Review Part 1

In this show we chatted with a bevy of 2WD competitors including National 2WD winners Michael Hooper and Kevin Allen, 2nd in National Limited 2WD Ryan Sanders, 2nd overall Regional and 2WD class winner Steve Olona, and 3rd overall Regional 2nd in 2WD Al Dantes Jr. 

Be sure to follow these competitors at their social media links below:

River City Rally Team
Tower City Race Team
Verve Racing
GoSPEED Racing

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2 Thoughts to “RallyCast Episode 99 – 100 Acre Wood Review Part 1

  1. Ryan

    Great podcast as always! Any idea of when part 2 will be live?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy and not on the web site much. I’m just posting Episodes 100 and 101 now! Thanks for listening!

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