RallyCast Episode 76 – What Have Some of Our Rally Contributors Been Up To?

Mike and Ian invited a whole cadre of Open Paddock’s friends back on April 1st to a Skype call to see how they are coping with the current Coronavirus lock down. You’ll hear Ian mention Goodwood yet again, and the rally truck is apparently available for Birthday parties. Kelsey and Calvin of Cooper Autoworks have serious issues with procrastination, yet still find a way to add more to their to do list. Adam Bachi of Limitless Studios has seemingly limitless file storage for his videos in contrast to Tedrick Mealy who has a love/hate relationship with his Mac and could really use a job. David Cosseboom of iHeartFast eats too much chili and likes playing with toys in the backyard while Mike talks sim racing (much to the annoyance of Ian) and his cat makes an audible appearance. Finally Jonny Sage (yes, that’s a stage name) needs motivation to edit video from Sandblast which just might have been the last race of the year. We hope he’s wrong about that.


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