RallyCast Episode 09 – An Interview with the American Rally Association

In this episode we have something special!  With all the questions and controversy surrounding the new American Rally Association we decided to call them up and find out the details!  We devoted the entire show to an interview with Chris Cyr, Vice President and Tim O’Neil the Chairman of the ARA. We wanted to know what makes the ARA different and how they plan on succeeding where other attempts at creating new sanctioning bodies had failed.  If you have any of your own questions, please let us know in the comments.


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6 Thoughts to “RallyCast Episode 09 – An Interview with the American Rally Association

  1. Adam Vokes

    Limiting entrants and the sort of vehicles they can compete in is short sighted. Absolutely the ARA should push to help lower level competitors to become their best, but a LOT of rallyists in North America are simply out for fun. Limits can start to be placed once rally is thriving in the USA and rallies are bumping into their entry limits.

    Until that time, simply getting more people out should be the focus. I understand what ARA is trying to accomplish, but just as it is hard to justify whether insurance should be more expensive for a national versus a regional, it is also difficult to justify that one type of vehicle or competitor crashes harder/faster/worse than others.

    1. Adam – I think some of what you are saying is exactly what Tim was eluding to. His number one goal is to get rally thriving again. I didn’t take from the call that Tim or the ARA wanted to limit entries. However I did get that a big part of the decision making process will require working closely with the insurance provider which leaves a lot still unanswered.

  2. Susan

    Please pass on the following name to Cris Cyr and Tim O’Neil. This person would be a huge asset to the board. Mitch L. Williams. Here is his email xxxxxxxx
    His resume is more than I could ever text!
    Was involved in Group B days in US with SEV Corporation CIBIE and Marchal lighting, past President of Hellla Corp in Amercia, past SEMA chairman, pro racing background SCCA, ran the Baja 1000… You name it. He’s an incredible business background and would really be an asset.

    1. Sue – If you think Mitch would be a good asset for the new ARA, please have him sign up on their web site. He can do that here: http://www.americanrallyassociation.org/helpara
      NOTE: I removed his e-mail address from your post for security reasons

  3. Adam Vokes

    Mike, do not get me wrong, I think the ARA is a great thing, and has been sorely needed in the USA. I hope to attend some of their sanctioned events in the future, and I am excited with the path they are following!

    It is interesting of the work required with the insurance provider, but it sounds like they are working very hard so they understand how safe rally is.

    1. What I find interesting about all of this is the challenges in educating what has essentially been the same insurance for years. Has something changed all of a sudden? Have they forgotten what it is that we do and how our safety plans are structured? I don’t have answers myself, but it is interesting to think that ARA appears to be having to start from scratch even though it is still the same USAC insurance provider.

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