F1 – It’s Come To This

I’m not one to rant on Twitter. But it needed to be said.



OK, maybe not. But I’m one of many who has similar things to say about the effect of Formula One Strategy Group’s decision to retain the elimination-style qualifying system for Bahrain.  The Twisttersphere is awash with enough hate to make Emperor Palpatine take notice, deservedly so.

The qualifying session in Bahrain had teams better prepared for the little red box this tmie around, but the effects resulted in the same as Australia: No cars were on track at the end of the session when teams realized their position and had no ability to improve and all the efforts were put into beating this little red box.

It was just as inane as Australia two weeks ago.

Mercedes sets somewhat conservative fast laps at the start of Q3.
Ferrari challenges those times.
Mercedes sends Lewis and Nico out to set faster laps if Kimi and Seb might challenge a front-row lockout.

The only wrinkle in Bahrain qualifying was that Hamilton pushed too hard and went off, allowing Kimi to enjoy P2.  That is, of course, until Lewis set his dominant lap on the next go round. If Lewis hadn’t had the off earlier in session, Mercs wouldn’t have needed the second lap to solidify the front row, and cars would have been garaged even sooner.

It’s past time to bin this ridiculous, overly complex, difficult to follow system and go back to the Halcyon days of knockout qualifying.  Like six months ago.


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