WRC Mexico 2016 USA On Air Times

Set your reminders folks, as there’s a healthy helping of live coverage for WRC Mexico this weekend.  Teams will be grinding it out in the hot and high altitudes outside of Guanajuato, and for once they are in a time zone we American’s don’t have to stay up all night follow!  There are 3 stages live on WRC+ in addition to the daily highlight and event review programs.

SS1 – Guanajuato Street Stage – 1.09KM – Starts Thursday  6:00 PM Pacific Time

SSS14 – Agua Zarca – 16.47KM – Starts Saturday 12:00 PM Pacific Time

SS21 – Agua Zarca Power Stage – 16.47KM – Starts Sunday 10:00 AM Pacific Time


WRC Live Radio

And of course you can catch Becs Williams, Lisa O’Sullivan, Emyr Penlan and the return of George Donaldson on WRC Live Radio.  There should be plenty of stage end craziness and insightful interviews to keep us all entertained through the weekend!  On-Air times are as follows:

Thursday 6:00 PM Pacific Time

Friday 7:00 AM Pacific Time

Saturday 6:30 AM Pacific Time

Sunday 5:45 AM Pacific Time

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