Episode 288 – OpenPaddock.net Rally Podcast

A little bit of a change up as we split off the rally podcast into it’s own episode.  Our sportscar and open-wheel podcast will be recorded later in the week.  This week hosts Mike and John are joined by “The Professor” Doug Patterson, and a special guest and friend of the show from across the pond Tom Firth.  In this episode we wrap up our views on the Dakar Rally and Robby’s DNF.  We have a lot from WRC Monte Carlo, give a quick preview Sno*Drift, and there was even some Red Bull GRC in the news.  Hope you enjoy!

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 288 – OpenPaddock.net Rally Podcast

  1. As someone who tends to only listen to only the rally segment, I like this change 🙂

  2. Daniel

    I like the focus on Rally for an entire show. I normally only listen to the rally portion unless I happen to be hearing something weird about another type of racing and see it listed as a topic.

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