Rally Photographers – A Passion That Endures All Conditions

Before I post up the official Open Paddock review from the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood, I wanted to say a little something about our good friend and photographer Doug Patterson and the other photographers at the event.  This weekend Doug, and many other media “photogs” drove many hours in icy conditions to then freeze their butts off (actually I think it is their hands that suffer the most) standing for many hours in the middle of the forests to capture the images that describe the action and atmosphere better than any words on this virtual piece of paper ever could.


Whether it’s capturing the fans…


the more intimate moments….

#157 Tomas Solnicky


Or the big moments!

Micah Nickelson / Tyler Ptacek

All in hopes of getting that perfect shot to define the event!

#57 Jake Marsack / Dane Marsack


Words can paint a picture in your mind, but a photograph freezes moments in time.  I’ve been friends with Doug for a number of years now, and he is so passionate about motorsports it practically oozes from his pores.  Even though he was out there in the cold feeling somewhat miserable, I know he would still prefer being there than anywhere else (except maybe competing in the event itself!).

Doug Patterson
Doug Patterson


The work of a motorsports photographer or videographer doesn’t end when they leave the stages either.  Upon wolfing down a quick meal, they go back to their hotel rooms and spend more hours sifting through the hundreds or even thousands of pictures they took that day to pick out the best ones.

David Cosseboom
David Cosseboom

Videographers have even more work to do as they have to replay and edit hours of video just to make a 10 minute film.


As you can see, it isn’t all glitz and glamour for these hard working individuals.  The next time you are at a rally event and see one of these guys (or gals) with a media vest on lumbering around big lenses, please say thank you for the hard work they put in!  Cheers Doug Patterson and all the other photogs that put in so much work this past weekend!

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