Episode 258 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

One of the most fun OpenPaddock episodes in recent history!  In our first hour and headlining the show are our special guests, NASA Rally Sport’s East and West directors Anders Green and Kristopher Marciniak.  NASA is the place for grassroots affordable rally racing, and it has a number of advantages beyond the cost savings.  Anders and Kris tell us all the details of the NASA rally series and how NASAhas the the flexibility to experiment with new technologies like Android tablets for timing/scoring and new racing platforms such as UTVs and something called RallyMoto.  In our second hour we discuss the rest of the rallying world news such as 2015 changes, and the latest announced driver lineups.  Finally we finish up the show with our UMMM….(unexplainable mixed malgamation of motorsports mayhem)…with talk about Formula E in Uruguay, Race of Champions in Barbados, and F1 news.  As for IndyCar, well there wasn’t much to discuss on this show, so we’ll wait until the next one.  Hope you all enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed talking!


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One Thought to “Episode 258 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. enamelizer

    I really enjoyed this episode, thanks for bringing Anders and Kris on and talking to them for so long. I really like the approach of what they are doing, supporting the grass roots of rallying. They really seem to focus on enabling competitors and organizers to make it easier to rally and work rallies. It seems like a very healthy approach.

    Also, I would totally buy a Fiesta or a Fiat 500 or any other car in that class if they keep offering the performance versions in the US (ST, Abarth). Bring on the DS3, Polo, i20, as long as we get the performance versions! I know I am in the minority however, which is why replacing the wicked looking Polo R with the ever-adorable Beetle in the GRC made sense for the American market. Either that or VW forgot they sell the GTI in the states, I can’t figure out which.

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