NASA Rally Sport Releases 2015 Schedule

I can’t help but get behind this method of releasing next year’s NASA Rally Sport racing schedule.  Check out the video, and the listed schedule below.  Even more handy, here’s a link to their iCal calendar too.

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Rally School / Rally Cross 2/21/15 February 3.6 months away Ridgecrest, CA
Sandblast Rally 3/7/15 March 4.1 months away Cheraw, SC
Empire State Performance Rally 4/25/15 April 5.7 months away Rock Hill, NY
High Desert Trails Rally 5/2/15 May 5.9 months away Ridgecrest, CA
Empire Hill Climb 5/30/15 May 6.8 months away Empire, MI
Idaho Rally 6/13/15 June 7.3 months away Boise, ID
Magnum Opus Rally 6/19/15 June 7.5 months away Newberry, MI
Rally West Virginia 7/24/15 July 8.6 months away Lewisburg, WV
Gorman Ridge Rally 8/22/15 August 9.5 months away Frazier Park, CA
Black River Stages 9/18/15 September 10.4 months away Harrisville, NY
Prescott Rally 10/2/15 October 10.8 months away Prescott, AZ

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