SCCA – Photos from the 2014 Midwest Division Solo Championship

This was my first time at the famous 50+ acre sea of concrete at Lincoln Air Park in Lincoln, NE. All I can say is WOW! Massive grip and massive courses! The Nebraska Region who hosted this third and final round of the MiDiv Solo Championship season reconstructed the 2013 SCCA Solo Nationals courses for us to run on Saturday and Sunday. After running at MCC for so long, where course design is extremely limited, I didn’t realize how bad some of my bad habits were. Saturday was a disastrous day for me as I overcooked nearly every element on the course by braking way too late and being way too abrupt with my inputs. Slow down to go fast, Doug! Sunday on my last run, the lessons many had been trying to beat into my head for so long finally started to take hold, and I was able to salvage a result that bumped me out of being DFL. Lots to learn!

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