In Focus – Speed

For my first photo in the In focus series, I chose this shot for two reasons.  First, I love open-wheel racing in all its forms and this type of racing is what has fueled my passion for all forms of motorsports now.  Second, I wanted a shot that I had never seen at a small dirt track.  Most shots of sprints cars, both wing and non-wing, are shot from inside a turn.  I wanted something that had more to it that mud and a wall.  I love the colors that this pan shot captured.  For this shot, I went to the backstretch and shot over the wall panning with the cars as they went past the front stretch grandstand.  I had a friend with me to watch for any on-coming cars that may hit the wall in front of me because sprint cars have been known to fly up and over a wall or two.  The late afternoon sun just added to the color and made the picture for me.

InFocus image copy
Shot with Canon 60d Tamron 200mm-400mm

At F/8 AF

1/60 s

ISO 100


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