Episode 236 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Mike, Mike, and John carry on this week as Doug is away to a conference. That means a sub 2-hour show without the Professor rambling on and on. Here’s what’s on tap this week:

  • Le Mans – A Brief Review
  • IndyCar – Bourdais fined, JV thinks IndyCar is just swell now
  • Rally – Ken Block Podiums in Hell, Radical WRC revamp to go ahead, GRC DC Preview
  • Formula 1 – Ferrari wants apple and google to fix F1 because the prancing horse isn’t winning, so it must be broken.

OpenPaddock.net – Episode #236 for Tuesday June 17th 2014

Le Mans

  • Ferrari announcement that wasn’t.
  • Le Mans review
  • Toyota, Audi & Porsche: Oh My!
  • Rain causes mayhem
  • 55Porsche is slow… at first.
  • Go to bed with Toyota dominating and wake up to Porsche leading
  • Porsche fanboi is disappointed when both retire
  • They at least get one 919 Hybrid out to photobomb Audi’s photo-op finish.
  • ACO announces 262,000 attendance. Best since 1989. Porsche?
  • (They’re not kneeling before ZEOD)
  • Zeod triumphs
  • Zeod problems
  • Results


  • Bourdais fined and put on probation for rest of season for incident at Texas
  • Could Nashville be in IndyCar’s days of future past
  • Luca Fillipi gets Houston/Toronto deal to show up GR in front of daddy
  • JV is thinking about IndyCar comeback… will go after all of PT’s lucrative Canadian sponsorship dollars
  • You can buy a race team on ebay… Panther to be exact
  • Dario Franchitti made a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to motor racing
  • As close as a Scot can get to being knighted?


  • WRC event shakeup set to go ahead
  • GRC DC preview
  • DC course layout
  • Block podiums in Hell
  • Peterhansel joins Peugeot Dakar team
  • ERC Announces Changes for 2015 season

Formula 1

  • Luca thinks F1 sucks, so he wants everybody to fix it
  • Who will wind up sleeping with the fishes after Luca’s “meeting”?
  • Ratings decline worldwide
  • Vettel told to raise his game. Mike W declares his fanship of Ricciardo
  • Potentially GOOD NEWS! Michael Schumacher out of his coma and released from the hospital.
  • Austria preview

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