PR – HP-Tech Aims for 2014 Success in F2000 Championship Series

HP-Tech Aims for 2014 Success
For Immediate Release | Feb 10, 2014
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – HP-Tech Motorsport just concluded a Florida test for potential F2000 Championship Series driver and Petrobras scholarship winner Olin Galli. In addition, the team has added another F2000 Van Diemen and F1600 Spectrum/Honda under its stable. The 2012 F2000 Champions are looking forward to building on a string of podiums that closed the 2013 season.

“There has been interest in both F2000 and F1600,” said Jorge Herrera, team principal. “By adding another F2000 car and the Spectrum F1600, we have more economies of scale when it comes to delivering value to drivers.”

With a number of new chassis available in F1600, Herrera opted for a Spectrum following its title sweep in 2012 and 2013, and will run a Honda powerplant in the Australian-built chassis.

On the F2000 side, the team has moved to a Van Diemen package for all drivers. HP-Tech won the majority of races in the No. 10 Van Diemen with Robert La Rocca in 2012, with drivers Santino Ferrucci and Roberto Lorena often running at the front of the field in 2013.

The team’s Florida location and membership in the Palm Beach racetrack give it cost-efficient and climate-friendly testing opportunities as HP-Tech has rotated drivers from all over the world through its cockpits over the winter.

“We have been out with the cars quite a bit,” continued Herrera. “It keeps us fresh and gives potential drivers some easy seat time to evaluate the F2000 or F1600 package and also see if they mesh with us.”

Herrera hopes he can run both F2000 and F1600 programs this season. The Spectrum was built relatively quickly after taking delivery of the brand-new chassis late in 2013.

Herrera is looking forward to a well-balanced 2014 schedule: “It is easy with both series on all seven weekends,” he said. “I’m looking forward to learning Pittsburgh and Thompson, both new tracks, and seeing successes again at the other events. We will deliver cars that can win as always.”

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