The Missed Shift – Formula WTF-1?

OK, the title is a bit misleading.  The recent happenings in the world of Formula 1 are certainly not surprising enough to warrant a true “WTF”, but they are significant.  How much impact they will have on the 2014 season remains to be seen.

Both of these articles came up within a very short time, so it was too good to pass up.


Ecclestone steps down from F1 board

Mr. Ecclestone has proposed and the board agreed that until the case has been concluded, he will step down as a director with immediate effect…

That’s right, no Bernie!  Effective immediately!
Wait a second….

Formula 1’s owners CVC are allowing Ecclestone to continue his day-to-day running of grand prix racing


Yeah, he’s not involved with the board any longer.  So he’s still going to be at the track week in and week out running the show.  Except, perhaps when he is in a Munich courtroom in late April. I have to wonder if Bernie has worked out media licensing rights to his trial yet.


NASCAR’s Gene Haas plans new F1 team

The initial thinking is that this would be a US-based Formula 1 team.  That would be so awesome and cool, right?

Haas owns factory facilities in Brussels that could become a European base for the team. He is also the owner of the full-scale Windshear wind tunnel that has been used regularly by F1 teams.

Windshear is in Concord, probably in the same area as all the NASCAR teams. I bet those NASCAR teams are prime customers of Mr. Haas’ engineering marvel, too.  The article mentions an expansion at Stewart-Haas.

Let’s enjoy a pipe dream for a minute, shall we?

This Gene Haas F1 team deal comes to fruition and they open up shop right next to SHR in Concord. They get whatever sponsor, to help finance this deal and it’s a genuine team effort based in Charlotte. Through whatever set of circumstances, ‘Murica F1(c) 2014 @JohntheRacefan is able to land Jensen Button for 2015.

Can we get more of this, PLEASE?

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Not necessarily the soda cookies, but the personalities coming out, even if it is scripted. Let’s face it, anything in America will have to market itself to succeed, so you know that ‘Murica F1(c) 2014 @JohntheRacefan will be too.

Like I said…  It’s a pipe dream.



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  1. About the Haas F1 effort. Haven’t we seen this movie before? As I remember it was a tragedy and ended poorly for those involved. I have a hard time seeing how this will be any different.

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