Flag to Flag – 19 September *14:40 Update*

14:40 EST: GRC – Chevrolet Sonic Set for Debut

The all new Chevrolet Sonic is set to make its Global Rallycross Championship debut at Charlotte. The Sonic will look to compete with rivals Ford but are realistic on their current position. The fact is this effort is a privateer entry with manufacturer support, but not a full team of folks like we see with the Fiestas. Head over to Racer.com and check out the story and look for the Sonic on a track near you.

10:00 EST: Formula 1 – Kimi Needed the $$$

It has been no secret that Kimi Raikkonen requires monetary upkeep. The Finn loves to party and certainly enjoys the finer things life has to offer. This was one of the leading reasons he left Lotus for Ferrari according to the man himself. Kimi was entitled to a number of performance bonuses that have become past due. I think that Lotus themselves were not 100% sure they would perform this well and did not budget for it. The fact is Ferrari can guarantee money and upkeep of his lifestyle and at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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One Thought to “Flag to Flag – 19 September *14:40 Update*

  1. Kimi has said several times this season that he hadn’t even began negotiating with Lotus for a contract for next year. He never said until today what the reason was, but he made it clear before that Lotus knew what the reason was, and that he would be happy to negotiate with them after they cleared up that issue.

    Nothing but love for Kimi. His addition back to the Ferrari fold may turn F1 into a very exciting series next year. Yeah, they got new engines, yeah RBR has a new driver, yeah the racing may be fantastic…. but that will pale in comparison to all the drama that will be coming out of Maranello. Ron Howard would be wise to watch this coming season intently. Rush II baby!

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