IndyCar-Project Lead The Way: The Future of Fast

INDYCAR has always been involved in grassroots educational efforts via their STEM program. Today, they announced that in conjunction with series partner Jostens,  the program is expanding to new horizons.

In a press conference featuring Hulman & George chief Mark Miles, Rick Cochran of Jostens and Project Lead The Way director


Vince Bertram,  the new Future of Fast program seeks to generate more interest in Science, Engineering and Mathematics programs.

Miles states that the Future of Fast program is not only important to growth of the series since school kids are drawn to the very nature of fast cars, it’s important to America’s scholastic future. The plan is to be implemented in six cities IndyCar currently has events in. Using existing IndyCar technology, students are to be exposed to engineering and mathematics using a curriculum developed in conjunction with INDYCAR.

Bertram states that the purpose is to expose children to a challenging curriculum from an early age in order to learn to apply themselves.  The program is designed to be implemented in an integrated fashion within their existing programs. The goal is also to transform teachers from lecturers to facilitators through hands on education.

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