SCCA – RallyCross Season Is Here!

Ever since the first Kansas City Region SCCA rallycross event last October, I’ve been anxiously awaiting our second. Yesterday, registration was opened for the first of four rallycross events the region has planned for 2013. The event will be at the same location as last year’s event, at a member’s property south of Garnett, Kansas. The field has some elevation change which makes for a challenging course as for half of the circuit you’re trying desperately to find grip as you climb uphill, and then you’re desperately trying to keep your speed in check as you make the decent back to the finish.

If you’ve never tried rallycross before, it is a ton of fun! You can compete with any type of solid-top car. No convertibles or roadsters! There will be lots of mud flying and you’ll want your windows up and a roof over your head. Last year, I competed in my daily driver 2005 Ford Focus SES with an automatic transmission and very worn all-season radials. Was I the fastest out there? Heck no. Did I have a ton of fun? Oh yes! I would recommend snow tires. They will help your grip and therefore your times tremendously.

Other things to remember when you come to the event is that it IS out in the middle of no where, so bring a lunch. A number of people brought full camping gear and enjoyed a nice hot meal last year. As with any event, bring lots of water. It’s surprising how much water you can go through as you’re legging your car around the field and shagging cones. This is March in the Midwest, so come prepared for any type of weather as we might get several seasons all in one day. With all of the snow we have on the ground now, conditions are likely to be a bit sloppy, so good waterproof footwear is advisable as well. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera! I need someone to image my car in action, too. 🙂

You can register for the event at The entry fee is only $30 for SCCA members, +$10 for non-members. (and if you’re not already a member, why not? Get that application in!) If you have questions about rallycross or want to learn more about the Kansas City Region SCCA, visit or our forums at

Photos from the October 2012 Rallycross Event

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