Episode 170 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

New OP Mr. Whitesell has the plague, so the show this week was left in the hands of Kevin Neely, Doug Patterson, and Mike Shaw. Without adult supervision, we run amuck and start talking about all kinds of motorsport including Grand Am, ALMS, SCCA, Formula 1, IndyCar, Rally, and the AMA Supercross opener! Hell, we even talk a little NASCAR!! Kevin leads us through the results of the Roar Before the 24, and the new classification for the American Grand Le Mans American Series League of Sportscars (or whatever the hell they’re going to call the new merged series). This leads us on a tangent about the Delta Wing and the role of innovation at Le Mans and in motorsports in general.

We do eventually get around to covering our regular stuff as Mike recaps the Dakar results thus far, and gives us the run down on the best rally no one in the States even knew about, the opening round of the European Rally Championship. We review the driver lineup in Formula 1 and in the Mazda Road to Indy, and review the scant IndyCar news that happened over the holidays. Best of all, we got some GREAT swag from MAZDASPEED Motorsports, and we’re giving it away to you! Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the show to learn how to win a 2013 Mazda Motorsports calender.

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4 Thoughts to “Episode 170 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Nearly a two hour show AND supercross coverage? Aces baby…

  2. Kevin Neely

    Been thinking about our ALMS/GrandAm merger talk a bit more…. What if the new top series had the LMP monocoque chassis, but the smaller Grand Am engine? Lighter weight, higher torque.

  3. Kevin Neely

    ..And no, Doug…I’m not trying to win the book..LOL

  4. Responding to Troy’s comment on facebook, I do think Dempsey is the this generations Newman. He seems to be humble, and serious, and only uses his celebrity for the good of the sport and not for himself as a racer. Cheers to that!

    And cheers to Mazdaspeed for the spiff. I just drank the coolaid and got a Miata in December, and I’m loving it.

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