F1 – McLaren Announce 2013 Launch Date

McLaren has announced today that it will launch its 2013 challenger on the 31st of January. This gives us now two confirmed launch dates as we get ready for the holidays and the frenzy that follows. Think back to last season, McLaren was the only team that opted to not run a step nose on its machine. The car was one of the better if not the best looking one in the paddock because of it.

The interesting point of this launch will be the start of the Button/Perez era. This is probably the combo that will get the most attention early on as much has been made of the signing of young Perez. After a decent year at Sauber that seen him place 2nd, some think his promotion to a top level ride is a bit premature. Personally, I don’t really see who you could have put alongside Button to replace the lightning quick Hamilton. Those are pretty big shoes to fill regardless of your thoughts of him. The truth is he was fast and aggressive. Perez has a bit of confidence heading into McLaren. The Mexican thinks he has a chance to deliver a championship for his new outfit.
McLaren 2
I will say that I think his goals are just a bit ambitious given the huge level of competition at the front, but he cannot be discounted while in a McLaren. The British team has a habit of always producing one of the fastest cars on the grid. With little changing in the way of regulations for 2013, it is not a stretch to believe he will deliver better results than say Heikki Kovalainen whom he is already drawing comparison.

Listed below are the two launches that we have dates for. I don’t know about you, but I am ready! Roll on 2013!

McLaren – January 31st 2013
Force India – February 1st 2013

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