F1 – How Much is Enough?

There is no offseason for Bernie Ecclestone and his constant running at the mouth. With news that HRT is all but done heading into 2013, Bernie has made some statements in regards to the number of teams involved. Ecclestone would rather there be 10 teams on the grid versus 11.

“It’s just that 10 is easier to handle, for the promoters, for transport,” he said. “We’d rather have 10, so long as we don’t lose Ferrari.” – Bernie Ecclestone comments from BBC F1

The news of HRT folding up shop is no surprise and perhaps this is the reason that Bernie has not offered Marussia a spot on the new Concorde Agreement. All three new teams (HRT, Marussia, Caterham) have yet to score a point since joining the grid in 2010. All three teams joined under the impression a cost cap would be put in place. All three were given Cosworth engines and all three have struggled with Caterham showing the most promise of the three. Yet the cost cap was never put in place and the teams were forced to work with what they had.

Marussia has not recieved an offer on the New Concorde Agreement
Marussia has not recieved an offer on the New Concorde Agreement

So the question remains, how many teams is enough? Should F1 perform damage control and bring the field size back to 10 teams? I like the 11 teams that are currently involved and believe that having both Marussia and Caterham battling at the rear of the grid adds a level of drama to the races. Look at this year for alone. The battle between Marussia and Caterham came down to the last race and the closing laps. Millions of dollars were at stake between the two and perhaps a shot at hitting midfield in 2013.

We know that Bernie likes to hear himself talk, so we take it with a grain of salt. We also know that both Marussia and Caterham are looking forward to making a push in 2013. I say let the teams stay and run their course. The fact that both Caterham and Marussia has made it this far without the budget cap is impressive.

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  1. HRT screwed themselves, but Caterham and Marussia got the short end of it from Bernie, IMHO.

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