Rally – Leo Parente Asks, Is the WRC Better Off Without Loeb?

If you don’t already watch Drive’s Leo Parente and his SHAKEDOWN show on YouTube, then log out of WoW, put the pizza rolls down, and go subscribe! Its some of the best and unvarnished motorsports commentary you’re going to find. This week, Leo asks the question that we had touched on during last week’s show on ETV Live, “Will the 2013 WRC Season be more exciting without Loeb?” Shaun’s response was an emphatic yes, and I couldn’t bring too much argument. Regular listener and contributor, Mike Shaw, argued that the racing from P2 down was outstanding this season and that we shouldn’t be so focused on merely who wins. I really respect Mike’s opinion on motorsports a lot, especially when it comes to rally, but isn’t winning what it’s all about? I felt the same kind of boredom from F1 when season after season, Schumacher kept pounding the crap out of the competition. Seeing a dominant season like Vettel had in 2011 is one thing, but to see the same ass whippin’ happen race after race, season after season is tough to watch. If the WRC had been a MMA fight, the ref would have stepped in and stopped the fight years ago! I think Loeb leaving the sport is going to be good for the sport, provided there is a couple of drivers and teams of significant talent that can show up and be competitive up front rally after rally. Leo uses the example of MotoGP, and that his interest waned after Valentino Rossi ceased to be competitive after his move to Ducati, but for me, it simply allowed two great young riders, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, to develop a great rivalry and provide some epic on-track battles this season. Will Loeb’s departure allow talented drivers like Sordo, Meeke, or even Latvala to rise to the top, free of the 9-time champion’s shadow? We’ll see. I think Loeb’s departure IS a good thing. Let me know what you think in the comment section below, but first, check out Leo’s thoughts in his latest edition of SHAKEDOWN.

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