SCCA – Learning to DRIVE: A Look at the Kansas City Region SCCA Fall Solo Racing School

Twice every year, the Kansas City Region of the SCCA holds a Solo School in which thirty student drivers, mostly drivers with little or no experience in racing competitively, are paired with instructors to provide them with one-on-one instruction on the sport of Solo racing, or autocross, vehicle dynamics, racing lines, and the art of walking and learning a course.

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We followed rookie autocrosser Tim Steger through his second solo school experience. Tim attended the Spring solo school earlier in the year and competed in his Miata occasionally through the summer. Event Chair Doug Hitchcock and Instructor Nate Green also share with us the goals of the school, and insight to what the sport of solo racing is like, how it makes the participants not only better racers but also better drivers, and how easy it is to be involved in the sport.

I didn’t just video and photograph this even, I also participated. It was my first experience driving competitively, and the solo school experience was a great help! It was an experience that I never thought I’d have, even as a life-long motorsports fan. I’d always thought auto racing would be too expensive and beyond my reach. Solo racing is one of the most accessible forms of motorsport and it gives you a taste of what the pros go through, the excitement of race day morning, the nervousness of being on the starting line, and the exhilaration of racing through the course at speed.

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