Indy Lights – Jubilee Motorsports To Compete In Firestone Indy Lights In 2013

Jubilee Motorsports today announces its intention to enter Firestone Indy Lights competition in

Jubilee Motorsports is gearing up to campaign in the 2013 Firestone Indy Lights season, bringing with it a
commitment to Christian values that will guide the team both on and off the track.
“It is an exciting day for Jubilee Motorsports,” Rick Maas, Jubilee Motorsports President, said. “The Mazda
Road to Indy has demonstrated it is an established, viable development system. The Firestone Indy Lights
presents itself as a very real business opportunity within that development system. We are excited to be a part
of it next season and when we say we have a lot of faith in our initiative, we mean it””

Jubilee Motorsports is dedicated to providing a viable business partner in the motorsports industry for
progressive, driven businesses. Based upon Christian ethics and principles, Jubilee Motorsports provides an
environment for Team; chemistry, process, procedure, discipline, and tireless execution. The team consists of
like-minded individuals (drivers, engineers, mechanics, truck drivers, partners, staff, fans, and owners) who live
to build something bigger than themselves. The Company’s focus is delivering exponential value and growth to
team partners.

Jubilee currently has its marketing team hard at work getting the word out. “We have been very well received at
every turn in this process. There is a great deal of positive buzz with IndyCar. We are positioned to capitalize
on that,” Maas stated.

Maas is quick to point out that the team really needs to provide value to its sponsors and partners as well as a
return on investment; something he thinks the teams unique foundation provides.

“We are looking forward to finalizing the details with the prospects we have begun and get onto the business of
producing value to our partners. There is a lot of hard work to be done before we get on track and many
challenges yet to be faced. This is the first step in that process,” Maas said.

Jubilee Motorsports is operated by Maas, a South Dakota native who graduated from The Johns Hopkins
University in Baltimore Maryland. He also holds Bachelors Degrees from the University of Minnesota and
South Dakota State University. Maas previously ran minor league baseball teams in the Seattle Mariners,
Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants organizations.

“My experience running professional baseball teams will be very valuable.” Maas said. “I have learned how to
create value for businesses leveraging their investments in sports entities. Motorsports is very similar in
delivering that value.”

Maas notes that his first exposure to motorsports was as a sponsor. “I have participated in this transaction from
both sides and have come to realize there is a tremendous opportunity presenting itself in Firestone Indy Lights.
While the car counts are not what anyone would like, there is an upswing in interest in IndyCar and the
Firestone Indy Lights,” Maas stated. “Technology has come so far. There are so many channels to leverage,
which means there are many different avenues for business to build brands, position products, and associate
with sports entities to produce results.”

The bottom line? Says Maas: “I recognized this opportunity as an opportunity to demonstrate the conviction of
my faith. There are few motorsports team willing to identify themselves as Christian, yet many are. We are
going to let our faith guide us as we go though this experience.”

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