Episode 141 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Mike and Shaun as they cover the IZOD IndyCar Series from Belle Isle in Detroit. It was a rough weekend with plenty of blame to go around. Shaun launches a tirade against the team owners and Mike tries to bring sanity back to the show…but it is too late. We also talk aero kits and China. Are we going to China? Are we not? We discuss. We also have the brief wrap up of events going on around the world. Enjoy the show!

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One Thought to “Episode 141 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. oregonwings

    So if I believed the ABC coverage I watched, Belle Isle (aside from the track condition red flag issue) was a parade just like when F1 goes to Monaco. The only real passing I saw was on the restarts or with better pit stops. At least that was my impression with the part of the race I got to see. I had set my DVR and was outside doing yard work and last minute learned from Doug via Twitter that due to the extended red flag delay, the coverage switched channels allowing me to run inside and catch the last 6 laps. Thanks Doug! I think Belle Isle needs to seriously make some changes, because there is no reason why all those cars should have been stacked up behind E.J. Viso for so long. There should have been opportunity at some point around that track to get around him…he was obviously slower. I think that right there shows that the track isn’t what it should be.

    As for the Aero Kits, my opinion is similar to Shaun. Yes..make them available, and takers will buy them. Make it an open market. Here is what I think might happen in this scenario though. Racing is as much about promotion of sponsors as it is about winning races. I think team sponsors might have a say in these Aero Kits, as having a car that looks “different” than everyone else;s out there, and performs as good or slightly better would typically be a wise investment for any sponsor. $75K to stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the field is rather inexpensive in marketing dollars. Granted I would bet that the Aero Kit manufacturers want some sort of commitment in volume before they are willing to make the kits to begin with. So I think we end up in a chicken and egg situation. All it takes is that first Aero Kit to make a big splash on the TV screens, and then I think sponsors will flock to them. But will we ever get there if an Aero Kit manufacturer doesn’t take the risk of making them at a loss to get the ball rolling?

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