IndyCar – Pole Day Photos

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Talk about a place of legend! The Indianapolis Motor Speedway, steeped in legend it self, was crawling with living legends all day long! Parnelli Jones graced us with two parade laps in the roadster in which he broke the 150 mph speed barrier. …ah, the days when we actually pursued speed! And what a fantastic sound! Deep, throaty, rumbly, magnificent! He didn’t really get on it, but it was still cool to see the old machine motoring it’s way around the speedway. One of the things most people fail to realize about the Speedway Museum is that most of the cars on display are maintained in full running order. They’re not just for static display, they’re racing machines built to run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the staff work very hard to keep as many of the hot rods in running condition as possible.

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It was amazing strolling by and seeing Rick Mears and Mario Andretti chatting it up, talking with their hands as drivers do. Talk about two legends of the Speedway! And to have both of them together, was way too much of a golden opportunity for me to pass up. Of course, we all understand the rich history of the Speedway, but to be confronted with that history just walking around the joint at every turn is pretty awe inspiring.

Indianapolis isn’t just a place where legends are found, though, its a place where legends are made. With that in mind, big congratulations are in order for this year’s pole winner, Ryan Briscoe, who sweated out the last minutes of Pole Day qualifying in the queue ready to go requalify if needs be. When his teammate failed to best his quick speed of 226.464 mph, the pole was his and there was an immediate celebration. …and scrum. Rugby players have NOTHING on photographers when it comes to being vicious in the scrum!

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Photos from Practice and Qualification

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3 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Pole Day Photos

  1. Brian McKay

    You made some sweeet photos. Some year I’ll join you there! Watchin’ on tee-vee can’t compare.

  2. oregonwings

    Amazing photos Doug! I especially like the shot of Rick Mears and Mario Andretti. Mears has to be my favorite driver of all time. I loved watching the Mears vs. Sullivan era of the 1980’s. And to hear those older cars fire up and rumble around that tarmac temple must have sent chills up and down the spine (I get a similar feeling when I hear a WWII era radial engine fire up). I hope to someday make it there myself…its on the bucket list.

    1. The radial engines are brilliant! Best part of any air show!

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