IndyCar – Friday Comedic Relief

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend! To make sure we get the best weekday started off right, we have this for you. Along with Kevin, we also have Brian McKay back at it behind the lens at Barber Motorsports Park. As we know, Alabama is true NASCAR country. The folks are some of the nicest people I have ever met but man do they love their NASCAR! Brian stopped off at a local retail store when he had this conversation with one of the clerks…enjoy!

Clerk: “You here for the races?”
Brian: Yeah.
C:: “You a photographer or somethin’?”
B: Yeah.
C: “What kind a races they havin’? ‘Cause see I thought it was the Indy cars, but they got some other kind of cars there.”
B: Have you been at the track?
C: “No, but I seen their trailers, with the pictures of the cars on the side that shows what kind a cars they haulin’.”
B: Those were probably Daytona Prototype sports cars, like they raced at Daytona in January.
C: “At Daytona they run stock cars; I know that.”
B: Yeah, but Daytona also has the 24 Hours of Daytona sports car race at the end of January each year, and also a shorter race in July. And these prototype sports cars race, along with Porsche 911s, Mustangs, Camaros, RX-8s..
C: “Are them what you’re here to see?”
B: I love sports car racing, but I’m here primarily to photograph open-wheel cars.
C: “Now, what are they?”
B: Indy Cars, Indy Lights,..
C: “Indy Cars; I know what they are.”
B: Who’s your favorite driver?
C: “I ain’t got one…”
B: Do you follow several?
C: “Well, who do they got runnin’?”
B: Well, Dario Franchitti, Scott Dixon, Will Power, Ryan Hunter-Reay, James Hinchcliffe, Oriol Servia, Justin Wilson…
C: “See, I don’t know who any o’ them are.”
B: You’ve heard of Team Penske, right?
C: “Yeah; in NASCAR.”
B: Well, you know that Roger Penske has a team here also.
C: “I guess maybe I knew that. Maybe last year…”
B: He has three drivers: Ryan Briscoe, Helio Castroneves, and Will Power. Will Power has won the race here last year.
(no response)
B: You’ve heard of Dario Franchitti?
C: “Say what?”
B: You’ve heard of, or seen Dario Franchitti, right?
C: “I don’t know who that is.”
B: He races one of the Target cars, one of the red and white Target cars, number 10.
C: “I don’t think I seen him yet. Is he good?”
B: He’s won four championships and two Indy 500s…
C: “See, I don’t follow that series; I only watch, you know, one race a year.”
B: The Indy 500?
C: “No; this one.”
B: You don’t watch the Indy 500 on TV?
C: “No; ‘cause they got NASCAR on the same day, I think.”
B: So you come to this race every year?
C: “Yeah, we been coming a few years now.”
B: Do you remember who won last year?
C: “No; I got no idea.”
B: Will Power, of Team Penske. And the year before his teammate Helio won.
C: “You really follow them close?”
B: Well, I was here the last two years. I remember watching Helio climb the fence beside the straightway, in front of a hospitality pavilion, and last year, I was at victory lane and saw Will do one of his jumps off the sidepod of his car.
(no response … maybe wondering why drivers would climb a fence or jump from a sidepod)
B: Do you stay for the whole race, or do you leave early?
C: “We usually leave early, to try an’ get on one o’ the (parking lot shuttle) buses. Now, the IndyCars – they’ll be racin’ on both Saturdee and Sundee?”
B: Qualifying is Saturday, and the race will be Sunday.
C: “Oh; okay. Well, I’ll see ya around, then.”
B: Okay, come and stay for the whole race on Sunday.
C: “Alright, man.”

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