WRC – Petter Slapped With the Infamous Article 151c

Ford’s new (or should that really be returning) factory driver for 2012, former World Champion Petter Solberg, has done it again. He was busted for speeding on his way back to the service park after the last competitive stage of Rallye Monte-Carlo. Apparently frustrated by a slower car in front of him, he accelerated to 106 kph (66 mph) while in a 50 kph (31 mph) zone. Not only that, passed the car on a stretch where there was a solid center line. It means the same thing there as here, no passing! Petter had already been busted for speeding and had his license revoked during Rally Sweden last year, forcing co-driver Chris Patterson to take the helm for the final stage. Now Petter has been called out for speeding again, this time by the FIA which slapped him with a violation of the infamous Article 151c “bringing the sport into disrepute” of the FIA Sporting Regulations.

Petter will have to pay a €1400 fine and will have a suspended ban for Rally Sweden. This means that he will be able to compete in Rally Sweden, but if he gets caught speeding at double the posted limit again, he will be retroactively disqualified from the rally. Petter, buddy, let Chris drive between stages. Seriously! It’s great that you enjoy driving fast, and your damn good at it, but not on an open public road! Also, I have to say that the FIA is letting Petter, a repeat offender, off pretty easy. I’m fine with the suspended sentence, but waiting for double the limit gives too much leeway. I’d prefer to have seen a 15 kph+ (~10 mph) limit. Fast next to professional drivers is one thing, but on public roads? We all know what typical drivers are like, they’re idiots! They’re unpredictable. Petter, keep the adrenaline in check and unleash it all on the stages!

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