Episode 112 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join the paddock trio as they review Rally GB and the fight for the 2011 WRC drivers championship. They also discuss the big news of a potebntial Ogier/Hirvonen swap for 2012. We also breeze throught the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and try to make sense of Sebastian Vettel’s tire failure. We would also be remissed if we failed to mention the high drama in Austin Texas as the future of the USGP is now in doubt. Thanks as always for the download and we hope you enjoy!

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3 Thoughts to “Episode 112 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Looks like the Hirvonnen to Citroen rumor that we talk about in this podcast has been confirmed. Now we wait to see where Ogier lands…..

  2. “Hamilton can only win if Vettel drops out.”

    Sigh. Yep. Game blouses, indeed. On that note, does that mean that Lewis served your boy Schumacher pancakes after the race, Shaun? You guys touched on that every so briefly this week, but how did the Rosberg/Michael matchup go this week, anyway? By my count, Nico’s outplaced Michael 11 to 7 in the races and 15 to 3 in qualifying. Michael’s been closer lately, true, but if he can’t consistently (and I mean, every week) beat Nico Rosberg, then I think the days of him winning races (let alone championships) is probably long over, unless Ross Brawn comes up with an unreal cheat code for the 2012 regs and Nico hits a long spell of bad luck.

    You wanted hate mail. Ask and ye shall receive.

  3. I just want to be on the record as not having been on the “Hammy can’t win” bandwagon. Although for this season, its been tough for ANYONE to win with Vettel as strong as he has been. The McLarens have serious pace now, and that squad have worked the hardest and come the furthest among the top teams in catching RBR.

    As far as Schum, while he’s not as outright quick as Nico, there’s still a lot that Schumacher can teach the young man. Maintaining that duo for next season is a good idea, IMHO.

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