Episode 109 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join Shaun and Mike as they discuss this week’s motorsport news. This week we look back very briefly at the tragic events of Las Vegas and pay respects to Dan Wheldon and Shaun briefly pays respects to MotoGP star Marco Simoncelli. We also take a look back at Rally Spain and look ahead to Rally GB. Mike also leads us into discussion on Formula 1 and the empty space that is Korea. As always, thank you for the download and we hope you enjoy the show. This weeks episode is dedicated to Dan Wheldon, Iron Man Mike, and Marco Simoncelli. May we never have a rough a week as we just had.

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7 Thoughts to “Episode 109 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Just starting this week’s podcast, but I already had to weigh in quickly. Thank you for having the taste not to post or re-post any of the crash footage from Vegas or anywhere else. I personally have no need to see any of those accidents more than just the once (and I’d prefer to have not seen it even the one time, anyway), and I very much appreciate when other folks have that same attitude. Anyway, thank you for that.

    Just had say that. I may, you will be shocked to hear, be back with other comments later. 🙂

  2. As I threatened…

    I agree 100% that I’d rather see the ALMS become a phased-down version of itself, with the LMP1s being solely an ILMC/WEC class. I’d like to see ALMS go with LMP2 combined with a slightly opened up (a larger air restrictor or something, just so it can run the same speed as the LMP2, which isn’t that much quicker anyway) LMPC class as the top class, then the GT class and the GT-C class (with GT-C theoretically opened up to employ all worldwide GT3 cars, but this is a totally separate rant), and leave it at that. LMP1 is a global class, and basically nobody in the States can afford to run it properly. Let it go. Meanwhile, ALMS should hook up with IndyCar for about 75% of their races, to do double header weekends, and then the other 25% can be Sebring, Petit and maybe 1 or 2 other events where IndyCar may not want to run (I’m thinking Road America, if IndyCar can’t get that whole deal figured out, or maybe Mosport, since IndyCars would be crazy unsafe there).

    Anyway, that’s my thought, if I ran the sports car world. Unfortunately, you and I don’t…

  3. I will carry on your theme speedgeek. “If I Ran the Sportscar World….”

    I would shut down grand am.

    I would run only 2 classes in ALMS, GT and LMP2 where LMP1’s that want to enter are detuned to LMP2 levels. No GTC or LMPC. I would run Sebring and Petit under ACO/FIA rules though. Maybe another event will get nominated for WEC status like Road America. All other events I would ruthlessly pare down to 2 hour max and mandate no driver changes to make it more spectator friendly.

    I would run World Challenge at Mid Ohio twice a year and add events at IMS road course, IRP road course, Putnam Park and new city street courses in Columbus, Dayton, Richmond, West Lafayette and Kokomo. (yeah, alterior motives at play here….)

  4. Mike, I’m glad you don’t run the sports car world. 😛 I love my multi-class endurance racing and a proper sports car race should be 4hrs minimum! Driver changes, reliability issues, dramatic changes in track conditions, I love all that stuff! I will agree that I have no use for GrandAM. If you want sports car sprint racies, the SCCA World Challenge is a perfect series and would support the longer ALMS endurance races and IndyCar sprint races perfectly. …you’re getting a little crazy there with the Kokomo street races, though. Have you been to Kokomo? Remember the light rail tracks at Baltimore? Kokomo would make those look like a mere ripple.

  5. Of course I have been to Kokomo. Best dirt track in the country! They could stage the race in that park where they have the taxedermied remains of the worlds largest bull….

    Yeah, I am a bit extreme on my ruthless paring of races, but then again… I support a flat tax and the abolishment of the IRS….

  6. Ern

    I like the idea of pairing up ALMS and Indycar at events. Probably more economical for them and would get a better draw for crowds.

  7. Ern, I like that idea too. I prefer that IndyCar team up with ALMS at mid ohio, laguna seca, road atlanta, road america, portland, watkins glen. I’m getting tired of watching IndyCar become a street racing series. I have enjoyed many of the newer street races, but I am growing tired of only seeing on 3 road courses….

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