Spike Day: Free Simona!

Apologies for the quiet week, our semester started Monday. As always the school was totally disorganized, and the bookstore was inept as usual causing me to have many things to deal with. I give a quick summary of fantasy picks at the bottom of the column. There is some more pressing news to discuss first.

Don’t let that Simona back in, she is keeping Americans from having a job…

Is this the logical fallacy the United States government has with Simona de Silvestro? She is not alone either, this problem has occurred recently to other non-U.S. citizens who work in and around the INDYCAR Series. She will not be replaced by an American driver. So this was not any form of job protectionism at work.op_hvm-announcement_07

How did she suddenly have a visa problem, when it was well established she would be racing for the full season? I suspect there is some blatant stupidity at work on my government’s end of things.  Maybe they should worry less about an INDYCAR driver’s visa and more about all those people working  mowing lawns, raising wealthy people’s kids, or working in kitchens to expensive restaurants first. Perhaps Simona should have claimed she was a nanny for some billionaire, then she would have been allowed in.


The stupidity of America’s political system has just taken Simona as INDYCAR’s newest victim. I am sorry to Simona my tax dollars shafted her.  Hopefully it can be cleared up fast! Next week HVM had a great deal riding on Simona as their driver with major support from the InterContinental of Baltimore. (Who is located by the hairpin turn along line street).

op_hvm-announcement_02Entergy & HVM made their big 2011 announcements at this hotel in January. Simona has had awful luck already in 2011, this god awful visa issue could not have had worst timing. A major source of the events PR has been hurt from this, not due to any fault of the series and race promoters.







The worst kept secret in racing, reveled…

Danica-palooza will tour all NASCAR Nationwide events next year. Also, Tony Stewart’s PR people have gone out of their way to “deny” she will run selected cup races with his team. Yeah, can I right now deny I have any major announcements in the coming weeks? Also I will tweet it almost daily for the next two months.

Let’s hope no secrets to prevent the world from ending end up crossing paths with the NASCAR crowd, we will be toast in 3 weeks.

Many reports tell us Go Daddy will stick with the Andretti’s in 2012. Of course off the bat are rumors Marco will be the new Go Daddy driver. (Lord I hope he doesn’t have to wear those pleather outfits in ads).

This really is great news for the three drivers at Andretti who won already in 2011. Most importantly, this means Mike Conway might have a real sponsor. No offense to the Andretti Autosport twitter account, but that is no real sponsor for a winning driver.

Danica’s exit from INDYCAR is a blessing for the series. Her bubble had burst for most fans Pole Day 2010 at Indy. Simona has really become the most talked about female in the series this year. Danica is the only Andretti driver without a win. She needs to make the jump now before she fades into sponsor less obscurity.

She will most likely not win too many races in NASCAR, while having a rabidly large fan base who buys tons of swag. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the king of this right now, perhaps NASCAR will crown Danica the queen of NASCAR underachievers. Or perhaps she will prove everyone wrong and develop into a better stock car driver. I doubt it, her bigger priority is being a “brand”.

Just keep in mind Mika Duno (aka: Milk & Donuts for Robin Miller fans) has been running in ARCA this season. With only 8 starts out of 14 races Milka is 18th in points. (Out of 137 drivers who have made starts in ARCA this season). Only one driver has as many starts as Milka and is ahead of her in points. That would be Bobby Gerhart who won at Daytona. Don’t be surprised if the Milka/Danica feud is reunited in the coming seasons. (For the Danica haters, pray Hugo Chavez stays alive and in power for many more years).

Fantasy Land:


Will Power

Oriol Servia

Sebastien Bourdais


Simona de Silvestro (Duh)

Tony Kanaan (I picked him this week)

Ed Carpenter

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