Aero Kits officially delayed until 2013

Randy Bernard and Tony Cotman announced the delay on the 2012 “aero kits” for the IZOD INDYCAR Series. “No one is more disappointed there won’t be an aero kit than I am.” stated league President Randy Bernard.


“There’s a lot going on in 2012.” stated Tony Cotman Project Manager for the 2012 car. They are moving on schedule with the development of the 2012 chassis. However the aero kits can not be developed while keeping the new cars on a lower cost range.  As far as the aero kits being delayed Cotman said, “Its both good & bad. But in long terms its the best thing to do.”


“It will happen in 2013, I promise you.”, said Bernard. He referenced increased cost from other things including Firestone Tires costs will increase over $250,000 per team in  2012. This is credited from the increased costs of rubber productions.  While costs will go up for the IZOD INDYCAR Series, Firestone still will not return to the Firestone Indy Lights (FIL) in 2012.


Randy Bernard has stated they are in talks with several tire manufacturers, though no deals have been made as of yet for FIL in 2012. No companies were named by Bernard in regard to 2012 FIL tires.


The Leaders Circle will remain in 2012, with a 26.4 million dollar fund. According to Bernard, “different allocations” will be in order next season. When asked to explain further Bernard said, “that is not up for discussion right now.”



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